Looking back on 7

7 years ago around this month or before but whatever, I established my first YouTube channel in 2006 (I was in grade 4) under the name of Toadstool44 where basically I just ripped videos off the internet and reuploaded them, but it was a milestone because I learnt the basics of editing through Windows Movie Maker.

Then it bites the dust and I move on to utubeking89 in 2007 (stylized as [utubeking89]), this channel started off doing the same thing it was doing before but then revolved around adult swim tributes and using the animation program “Pivot”. Eventually this bit the dust in 2008 but I moved channels midway because I wanted my channel name to have something related in what I was doing, so I went with PivotDK.

I don’t remember how i got the DK bit but what I do know is that there was this huge thing going with 2 random letters in your name, I joined the crowd basically, there was others like PivotRJ, PivotTK, PivotDJ, PivotNJ etc. I could go on forever it was insane. My animations weren’t too good and I gave up and decided to test out with flash in late 2007 using MX 2004 then later Macromedia Flash 8, pivot in the name seemed stupid however I moved on when PivotDK and utubeking89 was shut down from a complaint from NBC about one of the videos, I failed to act on it.

Skybullet was made around Midish 2008 with the intention of being wholly flash, my animations again weren’t too great and I had an appalling record of canceled planned projects, my account was hacked on the 2nd of July because of me sending malware by mistake to another YouTuber which had disastrous effects.

Which lands me at electricfridge, there was a huge gap in a lot of stuff from 2009-2012, pretty much a 3 year slumber, my channel got popular because I was framed with hacking a famous pivot animation maker which eventually turned around when I later got proof it wasn’t me, some stuff was planned but mostly it was short videos.

Now I switched accounts from electricfridge to CounterTunes because I wanted a fresh start and a new base, electricfridge serves as a place where my three years went and died. I am now solely concentrated on making Safety Practical & Americant + any new series that may come to mind simply because I want to entertain and not be some lousy bastard.

Thanks and Enjoy

Todd CounterTunes :)